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Our products must be used appropriately for the purpose.


Your foot must be of proper size. Foot small and large shoes will lead to problems such as premature deformation, lining of the lining.


Footwear should be tested on the right and left side of the time when the foot is the maximum swollen, should not be taken absolutely.


When shoes are worn and removed, the laces should be loosened and should be used to pull on laces without shoes. Unwrapping the lanyard or pulling out the laces without laces can tear and deform. In such a case, the tear and deformation at the bottom is not a production defect.


Natural beauties have the porosities required for their construction. For this reason, if your shoes are not 'waterproof' on your shoes, they may get water when they come into contact with water.


Especially hand sewn shoes can get water from the seams. For this reason, these types of shoes should not be worn during rainy weather.


If there is no 'washable' on it, do not wash your shoes. The shoes should never be washed in the washing machine or hand.


The sweat that your shoes have absorbed evaporates within 24 hours. For this reason, the wearing of the shoes with a 1 day interval makes the shoe last longer.


In the case of the excessive sweating of the foot and especially the primers which are not used artificial materials, from time to time the primer coloring sock or foot may pass. Primer painting is not a production defect.


It is not a production defect of stains that can be formed on the shoe due to excessive sweating of the foot.


Shoes should not be kept in damp conditions.


Footwear manufactured from roots should not be worn by rain or sickness. Otherwise, perforation may occur in the base.


Depending on the shape of your foot, walking, and use of the wrinkle can occur under. In order to reduce this, it is recommended that your shoes be stored in suitable molds in the form.


Driving with your shoes can cause deformation at the bottom and bottom.


Under no circumstances should you leave your shoes on or near heaters, such as radiators or stoves, and in the sun. Wet shoes should be dried at room temperature. If it is dried under direct sunlight or under any heat source, it may be cracked, cracked, stained and deformed at the joints of the shoes.


It is possible that the shoes with synthetic material used in the inner lining smell and get water.


The shoes must be ventilated against possible smells. Shoes made from nubuck or suede material should be cleaned with a brush or eraser of appropriate hardness, not absolutely washed.


Leather shoes should be polished with paint or natural polish in their own color. It is normal to have a darkening in the color of the shoe according to the deep type after shoe.


Footwear, snow water, salt in the deep may cause the surface to rise.


Once you have purchased your shoe, it is recommended to wear it for 1-2 hours at home and check the numbers to check that the preferred model conforms to the foot anatomy.


Unused shoes should be stored in a mold.


Accessories (stones, tassels, ribbons) etc. on the products. exposure to external factors that may cause it to fall.


Stain may occur when patent leather shoes come in contact with another product. For this reason, patent leather shoes should not rub each other in the box.



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Our company was founded in 2003 based in Istanbul. Since its inception, Çiftçiler Shoe has grown rapidly over time and now produces 20,000 pairs of shoes a day at its new production center of 15,000 square meters.

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Since 2003, Çiftçiler Shoes, a pioneer company in the footwear sector, continues to serve our valued customers.

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